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Summary “Ore no Imouto ga Konna Ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai” Volume 2

Part 1

One month after the events in the first novel, Kyousuke is still a normal guy, except for the fact that he’s being forced to play imouto-themed eroge by his little sister, Kirino — fortunately in the privacy of his own room.

Through a wiki, Kyousuke learns the mechanics of “Siscalypse“, a highly-customizable fighting game where loli imoutos fight each other — the loser also losing all her clothes. Once you gain experience playing in campaign mode, you can play online. In fact, Kirino wants Kyousuke to play with her online so she can gain experience points, since she really sucks at the game. He also meets Saori online and gets her phone number.

That day, Kyousuke learns from Kirino that some of her friends are coming over tomorrow, so under no circumstances is he to leave his room — and she suggests he could spend the time playing eroge. “Play eroge while the house is full of teenage girls? What kind of torture is that? And what if I’m caught?” ”No problem” Kirino replies “In that case I would never speak to you again and act as if you were a stranger”. At any rate, Kirino forbids him from leaving his room and talking, nay, even looking at her friends.

The following day, Kyousuke decides to browse the Internet to pass the time after being expelled from the living room by Kirino. He remembers that his osananajimi Manami is for some reason collecting pillows (no, not that kind of pillow) and searches for a present for her. He ends up on a website selling dakimakura — yet another otaku oddity.

Meanwhile, Kirino and her friends are now in her room and he can listen to their conversation. Kirino has been weird lately — she doesn’t have time for her friends, she has been texting in secret and the other day they heard her talking on her cell phone — she was arguing with someone, but after she hung up she was smiling. Conclusion: she has a boyfriend, but no matter how much they press her, she won’t tell. Kyousuke suddenly feels jealous, but he realizes that the person Kirino was talking to was probably none other than Kuroneko. Kirino tries to change the topic, faking that she’s angry (very different from the actual angry Kirino)

One of her friends then asks her about Kyousuke, and says that he looks like a nice person. Kirino curtly denies it, and the rest of the girls start bad-mouthing Kyousuke — 14-year-old girls can be really cruel — but even if Kirino was the one who started speaking ill of Kyousuke, once her friends actually are saying very cruel things about him she remains mysteriously silent.

Suddenly, someone is at the door, with a package for Kyousuke. Kirino also goes downstairs and sees that it’s a package from a famous make-up manufacturer, and thinks that it’s a present for her. Kyousuke who was expecting no package whatsoever, gives it to her, still puzzled about it. He gets a phone call then — Saori. It was a package for Kirino, but she didn’t know her real name, so she sent it to Kyousuke instead. It contains… doujinshi (she had used the empty package of make-up products she had bought overseas). “Pornographic doujinshi?” asks Kyousuke. “Of course!”

Kyousuke realizes that this is a serious situation, because she might open the package in front of her friends. He barges into her room, to the astonishment of the girls, and tries to grab the package, but Kirino is holding it tight. In the ensuing struggle, Kirino trips and Kyousuke, trying to save her from the fall, ends up on top of a Kirino whose bra and panties are now exposed. Kyousuke finally gets the package, but suddenly Kirino’s astonished friends ask them if they are in a forbidden relationship. Both deny it, and Kyousuke gets kicked out of the house until Kirino’s friends leave.

While he’s outside, a cute girl, one of Kirino’s friends, called Aragaki Ayase, approaches Kyousuke. She thinks there was a reason why he acted like that, and asks him to forgive Kirino. She also exchanges her phone number with Kyousuke, or “Oniisan” as she calls him.




Part 2

This chapter turns our attention to Kyousuke’s relationship with his osananajimi Manami. They spend the evenings together, preparing for their exams, and Kyousuke is a regular visitor at her house—a shop selling traditional Japanese confectionery. Manami’s grandparents are always urging them to get married already, and all in all Kyousuke finds here the peaceful life he yearns for.

And yet, when asked by a classmate of his (Akagi, we’ll know more about him and his sister in volumes 4 and 5) if Kyousuke and Manami are dating, he curtly denies it. He’s never even thought of her that way—he thinks of Manami as a grandmother figure. Of course, Kyousuke is cruelly oblivious to the fact that Manami is in love with him.

One day on their way home, they meet Ayase. Kirino’s friend and Kyousuke exchange a few words, and Manami inquires about her—and notices that Kyousuke was making eyes at her. He denies it—although he isn’t going out with Manami, it would be rude of him to admit that he was ogling another girl. Manami is at least relieved: Kyousuke is interested in girls. Just like a grandmother whose grandson has reached puberty.

She is however a little jealous and asks Kyousuke if he thinks she should change her looks or something. Kyousuke tells her that the way she is he likes her more than Ayase. She doesn’t need to change. She’s really glad to hear that.

Some days later, however, Manami looks a little depressed and tells Kyousuke that she has something to do and can’t hang out with him after school. The following day, she doesn’t go to school (due to “personal reasons”) and worried, Kyousuke tries calling her on her cell phone, but it’s off. At school, Akagi mentions the possibility that Manami got a boyfriend, so it’d be a little awkward for her to continue hanging out with him. Kyousuke is appalled at this idea, because he loves being with Manami. Not in a romantic way (he insists), but because she offers him the simple life he wants—the opposite to Kirino.


Kyousuke is now truly worried and calls her house, but all he learns from her little brother is that she’s away and that she told him not to tell Kyousuke where she was. Could she be actually avoiding him? Why? Kyousuke’s peaceful, happy days may be in danger. Her brother also told him something important: when she started looking depressed, which turns out to be the day after they met Ayase. He has nobody to turn to… except maybe… Kirino? He heads for her room. After all, he helped her out the last time, she should also hear him out and give him advice.

Kirino is, as usual, very tsundere-ish but she ends up accepting to listen to what he has to say… as a favor, of course. Kirino seems to hate Manami for some reason, but she’s also strangely quick to draw a conclusion: it all happened because of the way Kyousuke looked at Ayase. Even if she hates Manami, she seems to sympathize with her. Being compared to another girl was certainly cruel. Since Kirino insists all the time that she can’t stand Kyousuke and Manami’s relationship, she speaks from her point of view. She proposes that Kyousuke give her a present, because she’d be happy if she received something from a boy she gets along so well with that they can even have a quarrel. When Kyousuke asks Kirino if that’s from her point of view, or from the point of view of a normal, plain girl like Manami, Kirino just replies “Who knows…”

The following day, Kyousuke waits for Manami outsider her house for… two hours, with a present: a pillow. It looks like as if she wanted to avoid him and he has to grab her hand so she doesn’t run away. In the end, Kyousuke learns the truth: the day after they met Ayase, Manami decided to trim her hair, but she didn’t do it very well and that meant she had actually… changed. And since Kyousuke didn’t want her to change, she had been avoiding him so he didn’t hate her. As for why she was away… it turned out a relative of hers was in hospital, but it was nothing serious—but in case the worst happened, she didn’t want Kyousuke to worry, so that’s why she told her brother not to tell Kyousuke. And why was her cell phone off? Well, she never takes her cell phone outside, in case she loses it.

In the end, what did you expect from the plainest of all girls!




Part 3


Boys and girls, never forget to delete your browser’s history… unbeknown to Kyousuke, Kirino is able to check the websites he visited on the laptop he borrowed from her—and she’s extremely angry because he had been visiting porn sites, so angry she’s about to cry. Kyousuke doesn’t understand why she’s taken it so seriously. However, she’s only willing to forgive him if he helps her make good memories during the summer (why ask him? he wonders).

Not knowing what to do, our hero has two options. Call Ayase, or call Saori, since he has the phone number of both. Both girls seem friendly, so he’s in two minds about which girl to call: Kirino’s “normal” side, or Kirino’s “otaku” side? He calls Saori, who quickly comes up with a plan: Summer Comiket!

Things however don’t go that well. It’s really hot, there are too many people, and Kirino gets bored. Saori, however, seems to have a plan, and takes Kirino to meet some doujinshi artists she knows (Saori seems to know a lot of people and have lots of connections). Kirino is now happier, but Kyousuke has no interest in meeting people he doesn’t know anything about and waits there. A girl in her 20s, dressed as a maid, beckons him and shows him her doujinshi—an erotic manga about maids. It’s a little awkward for Kyousuke to be seeing a porn manga with a girl, but he starts to get a little excited and asks her if the maid in the manga is modeled after her… when suddenly Kirino, who has just returned, hits him for trying to “sexually harass” the girl. She’s really, really jealous, but Kirino hitting Kyousuke gives the doujinshi girl an idea: a bondage incest manga. Kyousuke realizes otaku are fearsome.

As usual, Kirino and Kuroneko are exchanging jabs, but that’s the way they have to show their friendship. Kuroneko starts to speak (passionately) about doujinshi, as she seems to have some experience. Although she’s always expressionless, Kyousuke can find a slight smile on her face when she admits it feels good to be praised for a work you’ve created. Kyousuke (who is being made to carry the stuff the girls have bought—for some reason most of it is porn. It’s somewhat shocking for him to be with three 14 and 15-year-old girls who are buying erotic stuff) also has his chance to enjoy Comiket when he sees a person cosplaying as Cell, which makes him get into the swing of it.

Kirino wants to buy the limited edition of Siscalypse, but to her chagrin it’s sold out. There’s one chance to get hold of the precious game expansion: there’s going to be a contest where people are going to compete against a really good player. If they can win, they get the limited edition. But Kirino sucks at the game and loses immediately. Kuroneko, however, suddenly disappears and before they know it she has easily beaten her opponent, which is received by a round of applause from everyone. Kuroneko wants to give Kirino the game, but she just replies “What do you mean by that”. Kuroneko replies “Then if you don’t want it I’ll throw it away”. “I didn’t say that” “Then be honest with yourself and say you accept it. Or maybe you are too proud?” “What’s with that attitude, why should I have to say that?” After a pause, Kirino finally says “Well, if you insist, I’ll do you the favor and accept it. Be grateful to me”

Kyousuke and Saori look at each other. They know this is how these two girls interact with each other. Kirino’s words actually mean “Thank you very much, I’m really, really happy!”




Part 4

Carrying bags full of hentai items they bought at Comiket, our heroes arrive at the local station, just when it’s starting to rain. While they are of two minds about taking a taxi, someone calls Kirino’s name from behind: it’s Ayase, who is really glad to meet her friend. When she sees Kirino is with Kyousuke, she asks them if they are on a date (maybe still believing they had some sort of forbidden relationship), and both deny it. Ayase however, starts to suspect something is amiss, since Kirino seems to be nervous, unable to reply where she’s going or if she wants ride home, and willing to leave as soon as possible.

Ayase also notices that Saori and Kuroneko are waiting there, and wonders if they’re friends of hers. Kirino can’t give an answer, but Saori is quick on the uptake and continues walking with Kuroneko. Once they’ve left, Kirino just says very unconvincingly that “she doesn’t know those guys”. However, Ayase says she just remembered there was some kind of otaku event nearby, and Kirino very foolishly starts saying things like “Oh, well, I’ve heard it’s called Comiket” or “I heard they sell doujinshi or something like that”, and basically gets so fired up that Ayase now gets really suspicious.

The girl who so far had looked like a really nice, kind person shows her true colors, to Kyousuke horror: Ayase is a yandere. “Are you lying to me, Kirino? I hate lies. I hate likes. You lie, you lie, you lie!!!!”. When Kyousuke tries to help Kirino, Ayase just shouts “YOU SHUT UP!!!!!!” After this, Ayase tries to take a look at the contents of the bags, and everything falls to the ground. “Kousaka-san, please don’t speak to me ever again” Are Ayase’s last words.

Kyousuke tells us several times that although he doesn’t really care about Kirino, once Kirino asked him to give her life counseling, he will keep his word and help her. Once the new school term starts, he asks Kirino if she was able to talk to Ayase. At first, she refuses to give an answer and asks him why he cares about it—importantly, she says something Kyousuke doesn’t really understand “after all this time are you trying to behave like a real brother now?” Kyousuke gets carried away and admits he even cried thinking about the whole affair, which Kirino finds both embarrassing and ridiculous… although she finally admits she hates this situation, but there’s nothing she can do since Ayase won’t make up with her unless she gives up her hobby.

Kyousuke actually gets angry this time, because of his sister’s defeatist attitude, and decides to call Ayase, who says she wants to be friends with Kirino again, but she wants to save her first from that terrible hobby. Apparently, some journalist had spoken against child porn, lolis and eroge at a PTA meeting, linking that hobby with a murder where the guy was found to be a fan of Siscalypse—Kirino’s favorite game. Ayase actually blames Kyousuke, thinking he got Kirino into that hobby… although, as we know, it was the opposite!

Without anyone to turn to, Kyousuke can only think of a person… his father, the police officer. He tells him he wants to talk to him about “a friend of friends who saw him carrying hentai stuff and now she won’t be friends with him”. We can imagine his father’s reaction: “Wait, I think I didn’t hear you… how can you talk to your father about that, you bastard!!!!”… but in the end Kyousuke manages to get some advice from him.



Part 5

The following day, Kyousuke meets Ayase near her school and she reluctantly agrees to hear him out. Apparently, his father (always by chance, it’s not like he wanted to know more about otaku stuff because his daughter likes it!) knows a little about that case and it turns out that the otaku murderer didn’t commit the crimes under the influence of eroge—it was all an exaggeration by some moralistic journalist who wanted to launch a crusade against otaku. Ayase admits she was wrong, but she doesn’t want to be friends with Kirino anyway, because that hobby is still dirty and perverted. She cries “Give me back my friend, that person is not the real Kirino”

Suddenly, Kirino appears and tells Ayase to stop talking about a “fake Kirino” or a “real Kirino”. Who’s the real Kirino? The one who is fashionable, athletic and gets top marks? “Yes, that’s my Kirino!” replies Ayase. Kirino, however, continues. “Is it weird having that hobby? The real Kirino couldn’t like that? I’m a fake Kirino? I’m sorry, Ayase. You are wrong. Those dirty manga you hate, me, I love them. I have lots of porn games, which I really love. I love anime with cute girls. I can’t get tired of it. I’m very happy when I look at all the good I have. So please, I can understand your concern, but I won’t give it up. Because I like it”
“More than your friend?”

“No, it’s not like that… I like you as much as I like eroge. I like my friends from school, but also my otaku friends. All of them are very important to me, I can’t throw them away. So Ayase, I won’t give up on either. I won’t give up my hobbies, and I will make up with you. Do you have a problem with that?”

Ayase is moved by Kirino’s words, especially the fact that she said she likes her, but in the end says she can’t make up with Kirino, because she can’t approve of her hobbies.

Suddenly, Kyousuke takes some books out of his bag. Homer’s Odyssey and the Nihonshoki, and also some siscon doujinshi. His point is: the two classical works are admired by everyone, but they also feature stories about incest. By denying Kirino’s beloved eroge and doujinshi, she’s also denying some of the most important classics. Unsurprisingly, Ayase is unimpressed. Suddenly, Kyousuke embraces Kirino.

“As you can see, Ayase, we love each other. That’s why we collect stories about forbidden love. Don’t call “dirty” something that is the proof of our love. You say it has naked girls, porn scenes? That’s not the point! Kirino’s hobby is what reestablished our broken bonds! Our relationship was always cold. I could never help my sister. I could only watch my sister cry while saying it had nothing to do with me. That’s why I’m so grateful to our hobby. Thanks to it, we became real siblings for the first time. I didn’t have to use the pretext that it didn’t concern me while watching her cry. This love, who can deny it? This is the proof of our love. Listen to me… I looooove my sister!!!!”


“Kirino, let’s make up. Immediately” said Ayase, “I’m sorry I said it’s dirty or I cared about such small details. I just didn’t know…”

Kyousuke approach her “Well, well, that was troublesome”

“Don’t come any closer, pervert!!! Don’t speak to me! Pervert, pervert, pervert!! As I expected you were the root of all evils. Don’t ever touch my Kirino again. You’ll soil her. You’re revolting. You make me sick!”


“Don’t worry Kirino, I’ll protect you. Let’s run!… and you sicko, die!”

Well, said Kyousuke to himself once they left. “Just as planned”

Some days later, Kyousuke gets an SMS from Ayase:

“To lying oniisan

Thanks to you, I made up with Kirino. I won’t approve of her hobby, but I’ll make an exception for a while. But I won’t give up. I’ll save her from you, devil. I won’t lose to you. P.S. If you do something weird to Kirino I’ll fucking kill you”

Later, Kirino is speaking to Ayase on the phone once again. Kirino then speaks to Kyousuke…

“What you said the other day, was it true?”

“Who cares? Forget about it”

“Don’t you understand? After that, I was thinking and… if I’m honest, I… think I love you, brother”

“Eeeh, are you serious?”

Kirino bursts out laughing.

“How stupid! You actually believed that? Haha, how disgusting, you siscon”

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