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Summary “Ore no Imouto ga Konna Ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai” Volume 1

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Kousaka Kyousuke, 17, is a self-proclaimed ordinary person – and very proud of it. He has no dreams, except becoming a normal person in the future, living a normal life.

Kousaka Kirino, 14. Kyousuke’s sister. She’s really sophisticated and popular, and a real beauty.

All these years, Kyousuke and Kirino haven’t got along well – to tell the truth, it wasn’t a matter of getting along or not. They just ignored each other; being completely different, it was difficult to maintain a friendly relationship. Kyousuke can’t even remember what the last time they had any sort of meaningful conversation was. And as far as he is concerned, there’s no reason why this situation shouldn’t continue forever.

One day, Kirino bumped into Kyousuke. Nothing out of the ordinary. Kyousuke apologized but Kirino just mumbled some angry words and left. But suddenly, Kyousuke noticed that something was behind the shoe rack – a DVD case, on the cover a little girl. Stardust Witch Meruru, some magical girl anime. Before having time to think, his mother appears and he manages to hide it in time. She thinks it’s porn, and tells Kyousuke to study instead of reading that kind of stuff – his grades are only good because he often studies with his osananajimi, an extremely normal girl called Tamura Manami.

Back in his room, he opens the case and to this surprise it actually contains a porn game (eroge) called “Loving my little sister ♪” featuring lolis.

Shocked, Kyousuke tries to figure out who this belongs to. His father, a strict police officer, is out of the question. His mother? No way. But the most unlikely of all is Kirino – a stylish, sophisticated girl like her can’t possibly like an anime for kids… or a loli eroge (he is assuming the loli eroge is just inside the Meruru case by mistake) But he knows the DVD isn’t his – the most likely culprit, in fact, if other people were asked.

Kyousuke is really curious about it, and decides to set a trap. At dinner, he causally says that some anime for girls are becoming popular, like this anime called Stardust Meruru, and he is thinking he could give it a try. His father asks him what the matter is and says that anime is a bad influence so it’s out of the question. Kyousuke notices that Kirino looks upset and she leaves the table.

Wondering if it’s really possible that the Stardust Witch Meruru DVD case belonged to Kirino (even if the wrong DVD was inside), he pretends he leaves to buy some ice-cream at the convenience store and comes back through the back door, and, as he expected, he finds Kirino searching his room. He shows her the DVD. She insists it’s not hers, that an anime for kids can’t be hers.

He finally persuades her to take the DVD by asking her to throw it away for him. She takes him and leaves, but she suddenly turns around and asks him if he thinks it would be weird for a girl like her to own such a DVD. To her surprise, Kyousuke says that he doesn’t really find it weird. He has no reason to criticize others for their hobbies.

After this incident, they didn’t speak to each other for a few days. One night when he was already asleep, Kyousuke wakes up to find that Kirino is on top of him. He asks her what the matter is and she tells him that she has something to tell him. She takes him to her room, and says that she needs some “life counseling” – a word that will become mythical in Oreimo. After obtaining his promise that he won’t laugh at her, she shows him her hidden collection – full of anime DVDs and eroge. Yes, Kirino is a complete otaku, but with a double life. At school, she is really popular and stylish. In fact, Kyousuke learns that she can afford to buy all this stuff because she’s working as a model.

She admits this isn’t the type of hobby a girl her age should have, but she can’t help it. She really likes all those moe girls, especially the loli imouto type – in fact many of her games are siscon eroge. Kyousuke, almost panicking, asks her if she could actually have feelings for him, but her reply is quick- don’t mix 2D with 3D. There can’t be a sister who has feelings for her brother in real life.

Kyousuke loves being with his osananajimi Manami. She is normal – so normal, she reminds him of his own mother. Of course, Manami is in love with him but he doesn’t notice.

Compared to the peaceful atmosphere surrounding Manami, the first thing Kirino asks Kyousuke when he gets home is to come to her room to play… eroge. Dumbfounded, he wonders why the hell he has to play erotic games sitting next to his own little sister. The loli that appears when starting the game claims everyone in the game is over 18 (lol!)

After being taught the basics of eroge, Kyousuke starts playing. The main character wakes up, and his imouto Shiori is sleeping inside his own futon. As Kirino explains, depending on what your choices, the imoutos may increase or decrease their disposition towards you. Three options: 1) Hug her softly 2) Get out of the futon trying not to wake her up 3) Kick her out, no questions asked.

As you can imagine, Kyousuke chooses… 3, which makes Kirino really angry. “What are you doing to Shiori-chan?!?!” Well, at least, Kirino admits, that was an option she had never chosen, so it was interesting to see what happens.

Kyousuke starts to realize that Kirino is making him play because she’s been alone all along – nobody knew about her hobby, she has no otaku friends to interact with, and proposes to search for friends. It’ll be difficult, because it is obvious it will have to be girls of her age who are also otaku. How?

Surprisingly, it is Manami who helps: she had heard about “offline meetings”, meeting people you get to know online – and by the way, this is the first time we learn that Kirino seems to hate Manami for apparently no reason (For those who know about Volume 6, it is pretty relevant)

They look for some sort of community, and they find one. “Otaku girls, gather together!” The administrator is one Saori, whose Japanese is very formal and pretty eccentric. She informs Kirino (nickname: Kiririn) that they will hold an offline meeting soon.

Kirino, although unwilling to admit she’s anxious about it, asks Kyousuke (tsundere mode: “well… if you insist!”) to come with her. Since it wouldn’t be appropriate for a guy to show up (Kirino’s suggestion that Kyousuke crossdresses is quickly rejected), he will follow her and watch from the shadows. She gets to a (maid) café in Akihabara before Kirino and the rest do. One of the otaku girls catches his attention – an extremely tall girl, dressing weirdly, who turns out to be none other than Saori “Bajiina” herself.

Things don’t go well, however, and Kirino, who is dressing stylishly, which alienates the otaku girls, makes no friends and when the meeting is over, she rushes outside. Kyousuke chases after her, and tries to comfort her, when suddenly Saori runs to them. She noticed that Kirino didn’t make any friends, and wants to hold a second party at a McDonald’s for Kirino, and also for another member who was also unable to interact with the others, a girl dressed in gothic lolita fashion – none other than Gokou Ruri. Kuroneko.

Both have sharp tongues, but as they argue about anime, Kyousuke realizes that Kirino has finally managed to make otaku friends – Saori and Kuroneko. While the two girls continue arguing outside, Kyousuke thanks Saori for all she’s done.

Kyousuke is tired after the events at Akihabara, and Manami suggests calling off their study session. Kyousuke asks her if she feels like going somewhere special, but as we could expect, our extremely normal Manami wants to go to… the local park – she doesn’t mind where, as long as Kyousuke is with her.

At the park, they see some people doing a photo shoot – one of the models being none other than Kirino. Kyousuke learns from Manami that Kirino ranked among the best students in the whole prefecture. At home, his mother is radiant because she’s heard that Kirino is the ace of the track and field club.

Just… just how awesome is Kirino? Since they didn’t have a single conversation in years, he never knew about all of this. Meanwhile, Kyousuke completes his first eroge with a laptop that he borrowed from Kirino, since he didn’t feel really comfortable watching a loli imouto eroge hentai scene with his sister next to him.

One day Kyousuke gets home and there’s a dead silence in the living room. Kirino and his father are sitting there. His mother stops Kyousuke from coming in. From what his mother tells him, his father found one of Kirino’s anime DVDs, probably in a similar situation to Kyousuke’s some time ago. Kirino rushes out of the house, crying. Kyousuke’s father is determined to search Kirino’s room for more otaku material, but Kyousuke block his way. He finally manages to persuade his father to at least let him talk to Kirino; but in exchange, his father tells Kyousuke to take responsibility and throw Kirino’s stuff away. Kyousuke accepts.

Having gained some time, Kyousuke rushes to find Kirino. She is in a video arcade and Kyousuke tries asking her if she couldn’t just give that hobby up. Crying, Kirino says she can’t. It’s become part of her, and this is something she won’t give up. Moved, Kyousuke returns home and tries to persuade his father. His father argues that otaku stuff is a bad influence. Kyousuke points out that he doesn’t know anything about it, and he admits he doesn’t, but he insists it’s a bad influence. Kyousuke also tells him that, if it was such a bad influence, why would Kirino keep getting top grades, while having a job and being in the track and field club?

His father is, however, unimpressed. Kyousuke shows him then several family albums. Then, another album, which his mother gave to him and which is his father’s precious photo album – Kirino’s debut as a model. Wasn’t he proud of all Kirino accomplished? (Even if his father insists he only wanted to see pictures of Kirino as a model to check whether it was a proper job or not)

And now, Kyousuke produces a picture that Kirino took that very evening: Saori and Kuroneko, together with a smiling Kirino. Being an otaku, Kyousuke argues, is also part of Kirino. Kirino is all of that – the model, the honor student, the athlete, and the otaku. If his father denies Kirino’s otakuness, he’s denying Kirino herself.

This time, his father is moved, and admits he didn’t know, in fact, anything about otakus except for the prejudices in the media. He won’t throw away Kirino’s collection, except for… any porn. This is not about whether it’s bad for her or not anymore, but about the fact that it is illegal for minors to own that stuff. But most of Kirino’s stuff is actually pornographic in nature, so this won’t do either, Kyousuke thinks. But he has no arguments to counter his father’s argument… except…

“That porn was actually mine”

His father is dumbfounded.

“And mom even knows about my porn mags. So there’s nothing wrong then, is there?”

His father gets really angry but just retorts “Do whatever you want, I don’t care anymore” and leaves.

Thus, Kirino’s otaku stuff was saved. Unprecedentedly, she actually thanks Kyousuke, and warns him. “I will still need some counseling”

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